Water Damage Service

It may be hard to imagine that your home can look like it again before the flood or the large leak damaged your property.

Why Hire a Water Damage Removal Specialist?

A licensed and skilled technician has years of hands-on experience of different water damage problems. We can handle the problem in a quick, thorough and efficient manner. If you’re overwhelmed by the water damage to your property, just call a specialist to get your place back in order. We have the best tools and equipment to do the job right the first time.

With our expertise and equipment, you can save time and money by putting your home life back in order. Moreover, we don’t just cover up the damage and clean what you can see. We fix the damage from the core and prevent secondary damage. We have an organized and detailed drying plan so we can remove moisture in a safe, quick and economical way.

When disaster strikes, you have a dependable and trustworthy team to provide water damage restoration services for your family. We offer residential as well as commercial water damage restoration in Lakeway. Our skilled and certified workers are on-call from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. Schedule a water damage restoration service today.

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Our Flood Water Removal Process

We have a stress-free process for water damage restoration. This begins with the initial inspection where the pros will assess the extent of the damage done. High-tech equipment such as infrared cameras and moisture meters may be used to determine moisture levels and detect water damage in walls, ceiling, and floors. Then our technicians will begin water extraction using truck-mounted equipment, dehumidifiers, and air movers.

Our team may also provide sewage cleanup and decontamination depending on the water damage. The process doesn’t stop there as we also repair, sanitize and deodorize your property once dry. We also reinstall carpet and do a final cleaning and inspection of the property. We never leave our work until our customers are satisfied.


Water Damage Specialists

Call us or send us an email. Our customer care team will be happy to attend to your needs and explain any questions you have. Let us know if you want our plumbers to be sent to your house or workplace. It is our pleasure to help you!

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