Roof Repair vs. Replacement

A good roof over your head is essential to protect you from the elements including heat, rain, snow, falling trees, and heavy rocks, among others. Like everything else, your roof will deteriorate and decrease its lifespan. As such, you need to calculate the costs of repair in the short-term and long-term maintenance costs. A roofing contractor Lakeway may help you make the most informed decision when choosing between roof repair and roof replacement.

The decision depends on the damage done to the roof. Whether there are small leaks that need to be fixed or a complete re-roofing is needed, the right Lakeway roof contractor can help you. Sometimes, you will be required to replace only some shingles that were damaged by the wind or a fallen limb. The cost of minimal replacement should be inexpensive. The damaged or torn shingles can just be removed and new ones put in their place. However, the new patch job may not match your existing roof, but a reputable shingle contractor can help you find the closest match to your existing roof. Take a look at the positioning of the damaged part of the roof. If it is in a prominent position, new shingles may look unattractive.

You may be thinking of doing a partial re-roofing job. However, there may be additional labor and disposal costs. Moreover, the cost per square can be expensive. As for aesthetics, you may end up with a lopsided effect at the ridges and the old roof may create a hump and appear higher than the new shingles.

When A New Roof is Cheaper in the Long Run

If your shingles are showing signs of wear and age and your home is susceptible to future damage to the type of climate in your area, a complete roof replacement may be the one you need. Your old roofing installation may not have the features of new reroofing. For instance, adhesives have been improved in modern times to fit the need in areas affected by high-wind, hurricanes, and storms.

Should You Tear Off The Old Roof or Add the New Roof Over the Existing?

This choice boils down to whether you want to save a little money now and spend more in the future or spend more now and minimize roofing expenses in the future. Take note that you shouldn’t put a reroof over 2 or more applications of any type of roofing. Too many roof overs can be heavy and can affect the structure of your home. Still, even with a single layer of shingles, it may be better to have them removed and a new roof installed. This may save you more money in the long-term. Take note that the adhesives made on the shingles won’t be as strong as adhesives direct on the roof deck. Your Lakeway roofing expert may also inspect the sheathing and the deck for any damage that needs to be resolved such as rotting and the need for more fasteners to the sheathing.

Hiring a Roof Replacement Contractor in Lakeway

While a new roof can have a higher initial cost, it should protect you from the elements for a longer period of time. Once you’ve decided to do a complete roof replacement, hire a reputable and experienced company who will do it right the first time.